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Home For Christmas — Past Show

Written and
Directed by
Elizabeth Shipe


Elizabeth Shipe
as Trudy McClain

Amanda Hull
as Clara Wallace

Tom Marks
as Pappy

Mark Puchinsky
as Howie Wallace

Kelly Doherty
as Vera Rieke

Nick Vanden Heuvel
as Miles Harper

Randall Anderson
as Herb Wallace

Marcee Doherty-Elst
as Birdee Wallace

John Glowacki
as Fred Wallace

WWII has just ended; Herb and Birdie Wallace are overjoyed to have their sons, Fred and Howie, safe at home. To celebrate, the Wallace Family decides to resume their annual Christmas Party for the town. Howie Wallace's new wife Clara is excited to have her sister, Vera, join them for the party. Everyone is in the Christmas spirit... except for Fred. The war has left him a changed man, and to make matters worse Birdie and Clara have invited Fred's ex-fiancee, Trudy, over for the Holidays. No one knows what ended Fred and Trudy's engagement, but the Wallaces are determined to find out and hopefully get the pair back together again. Like any family get-together there is singing, laughter, a few misunderstandings, and a lot of heart. Join us here at the Brumder Mansion as we take you Home for Christmas.

With brand-new original songs and music by Brian Myers.

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