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Murdertowne Abbey (2013) — Past Show

Written and
Directed by
Nick Firer


Jason Powell
as Lord Geoffrey Killington

Tess Cinpinski
as Lady Mildred Killington

Nick Firer
as Colonel Ashley Longbaugh

Olivia Gonzales
as Loretta Swank-Longbaugh

Jake Lesh
as Winfield the Butler

Bryan Quinn
as Inspector Sergeant Barnaby Tweed

Things aren't going so well for Lord and Lady Killington, are they old chap? I say, they couldn't have timed their re-entry into polite society any worse now. This being the 50th anniversary of those rather tragic deaths at the Killingtons' beloved Gloomethorne Manor Murdertowne Abbey, after all. Fifty years to the night, to be exact, but never mind all that, whot?

We do hope you came prepared for a spot of fun of the lethal variety. You'll be joined by a colorful cast of characters quite possibly in cahoots with the killer as the corpses multiply alarmingly.

In addition to the Killingtons, you'll endure the eccentric charms of the war veteran emeritus Colonel Ashley Longbaugh, his vulgar American ward Loretta Swank-Longbaugh, the most honorable Inspector Sergeant Barnaby Tweed of Scotland Yard, the Butler, Winfield... oh and Misses Picklefeather, the unluckiest of housekeepers whoever trod the earth (but the less said of her, the better!).

All right now, who turned out the lights?

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