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Sherlock Holmes
and The Final Vow — Past Show

Written and
Directed by
Elizabeth Shipe


Bill Darcey
as Officer Nolan

Michael Traynor
as Sherlock Holmes

Tom Marks
as Charles Stilton

Max Hultquist
as Dr. Watson

Elizabeth Shipe
as Mary Morstan

Matt Ecclestone
as Professor Moriarty

Amanda J. Hull
as Irene Adler

Bryan Quinn
as Inspector Lestrade

H. Jones
as Flannery McGill

Gladys Rhodes-Chmiel
as Mrs. Hudson

It's the last chapter for Sherlock Holmes – the third installment of The Baker Street Trilogy.

Irregulars; You are cordially invited to the wedding of Dr. John Watson and Ms. Mary Morstan.

It's supposed to be a day of celebration and joy, but nothing ever goes quite according to plan inside the storied walls of 221B. Join us for the unforgettable end to an incredible tale with Sherlock Holmes and the Final Vow.

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